Hi there, I’m Hamish,
a commissioned artist and breathwork teacher. When I’m not exploring the world, I live and work in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity for life and have spent much of mine on a journey of self-discovery. I believe that we should try many different things in order to find what we truly are passionate about. For me this has meant travelling, exploring new countries and cultures, meeting new people and trying a multitude of different jobs along the way. My adventurous quest for new challenges has taken me all over the world, from working as a consultant in London, as a deckhand on the Superyachts in Spain and Southern France, to running a social enterprise in India and painting houses in Canada. I am a trained yoga teacher, Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

has been my greatest teacher

It has taught me how to easily connect with people and the importance of community. It has taught me about nature, my body, my mind and the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with all of these things. I’m now passionate about plant based food, sustainability and balance.  I’ve also become an advocate for simplicity and minimalism – we really don’t need as much as we think we do. Going from place to place, the lighter your luggage is, the easier your travels are. Experiences and memories are far more valuable to me than material objects. Travel has taught me that you can’t plan everything. Much of travel (and life) is unpredictable and you have to just trust your gut, keep an open mind and try to enjoy the journey!

Along the way, all these experiences combined to boost my confidence and spark my creativity. I took my painting to a new level and now it is something which I also consider to be a career for me. My first Art exhibition, “Australia – The way I see it”, was held in Sydney in 2019 in collaboration with two other local artists.

You can view my work here:


I decided to train at
pranayama Sadhana in bali

It was here that I discovered the power of Breathwork.  I’ve always been drawn to the meditative mindset that creating brings out in me, it offers me a feeling of escapism. Practicing Breathwork evokes these same levels of calm and clarity in me and takes me to an even deeper level of introspection. I want to help people find these same levels of calm and clarity within themselves through Breathwork and Creativity.

With my breathwork teaching, I plan to start men’s sharing circles and retreats for all, located in nature.